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Interactive Mobile Games

Games for childrens of all ages.
Compatible with mobile phones & tablets!

Easy to Interact

Our games are really easy to interact to. A simple touch is enough to play and start having fun! Join your children and spare some time to laugh together.

Completely Full

You will download the game to your mobile/tablet and that's it. You don't have to pay for extra content!

Regular Free Updates

We plan to add more content as possible. No payment is required for extra content. Ever.

Projected for Kids!

Most of our games you can simply give it to your children and he will play it intuitively. The more fun he is having is the most learning he is getting!

Interactive and Educational

Not only fun but knowledge is what your children will get by playing our familiar and educational games.

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A great diversity of games

Not a single game mode or even a missing piece. We develop full custom games thinking about the kids and there is no need to extra payments to unlock game modes.

  • Simple & easy to interact.
  • All content available at no extra cost.
  • A great variety of games for childrens of all ages.
  • Intuitively games that will make children learn while having fun.
  • The best way to entertain kids.
  • Tested and approved by several childrens before release day.

Multiple Platforms

You can easily download and play our games at your local application store. Compatibility with almost all kinds of phones and tablets. Since older hardware to newest.

Open up the market in your currently platform (mobile or tablet) and search for Little GeeGee Interactive's games. Select your favorite and download to your children.

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